Basic Safety Training Online Assignments

Thank you for enrolling in 'All Hands on Deck Maritime Training' GPH Training Course.


By completing the Basic Safety Training component of the course you will gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills required by all marine crew.

Being part of the competent crew on board a commercial is an extremely important role that works closely with the Master, Engineer and/or Coxswain, as well as other crew members, in ensuring the safety of the vessel, its crew and passengers. This training is required to be undertaken by all crew, such as Coxswains, Masters', Engineers' etc.

On successful completion of the course a Certificate I Maritime Operations (General Purpose Hand) will be issued that will allow you work as part of the competent crew on board a commercial vessel up to 80 metres in length nationally.

At the Certificate I level the maritime authorities expect candidates to have a high level of knowledge in the manning and operation of a commercial vessel.

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Everyone has their own individual style of studying. Nevertheless it is important to read all the relevant information below before attempting the assignments.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to download the Training Manuals and the Boat Licence Handbook. You should download those files to a folder on your desktop. To do this go to your Desktop and right click - select New and then Folder. Call the folder 'BST course'.

These files are related to the following assignments: Boat Licence, Fire, Survival, Distress Signals, W H & S & Seamanship. The Australian Domestic Regulations assignments have imbedded links to study material.

Some assignments are semi-automated which means that you will need to put your email and name at the beginning of the assignment. Tick the 'Remember Me' button so that you do not have to repeat putting the information in if you have to repeat the assignment.

When you have finished the assignment you can review your results by clicking the 'Review' button. You will also be sent a copy to your inbox and a copy will also be sent to All Hands on Deck Maritime Training for reviewing and filing.

When you want to move to another assignment just close the previous browser and click on the new assignment. If at any time a link is broken please us me know (it happens from time to time) and we will fix it straight away.

At first glance it might seem like a lot of assignments. Don't be alarmed. While there are some that may take 15-20 minutes there are others that can be completed in 3-4 minutes. Many people start with the Boat Licence. This will give you a feel of the assignments and also a refresher on the boat licence rules even if you already have a licence. The Boat Licence assignments only take a couple of minutes each however you can start where ever you like!

Overall we estimate that it will take about 15 hours of self study. If you plan on committing 2 to 3 hours per day you will have these assignments completed in just a few days. Ideally the online activities should be completed approximately 2 weeks prior to the commencement of a course. At this time we will send you a 'project' designed to challenge your knowledge gained from the pre-study. The 'project' can be emailed or brought with you to the course.

PEASE NOTE: Completion of these assignments is a learning component of the course of the knowledge required at the Basic Safety Training level. Assessments during the 2 day practical training session will be focused on these areas of knowledge. Failure to complete these assignments could deliver a 'Not Yet Competent' result in the assessments and require a resit. This may also result in additional costs. Please see the 'Re-Assessment' section in our Policies and Procedures.

1. Boat Licence
Please remember all vessel crews and operators should be familiar with these rules.
They are good for revision even if you already have your Boat Licence. While these are NSW rules 95% of them are applicable to all states.

Download the Boating Handbook Here

NSW Maritime Boat Licence Quiz

Boat Licence Quiz 1     Boat Licence Quiz 2     Boat Licence Quiz 3

2. IALA Buoyage - MUST know for all vessel operators & crew

Buoyage Video - Please watch video first

How to read Cardinal Marks - PLEASE READ

Buoyage Quiz

3. International Collision Regulations (Colregs) - MUST know for all vessel operators & crew

Collision Regulation Questions 1     Collision Regulations Questions 2

Image Questions - Test Your Knowledge

Day Shapes Video - Please watch video first

Sound Signals Video - Please Watch

Sound Signals - Please complete and email to us

Restricted Visibility Sound Signals - Test Your Knowledge

4. Fire Fighting - Study material is in the Training Manuals at the bottom of the page

Fire Fighting Video - Please Watch First

Fire Fighting Activity - Please complete and email to us

Fire Fighting Quiz

5. Survival at Sea - Study material is in the Training Manuals at the bottom of the page

Survival Video - Please Watch First

Survival Activity - Please complete and email to us

Survival Quiz     Distress Signals

6. W H & S - Study material is in the Training Manuals at the bottom of the page

General Safety Duties     W H & S     Hand and Power Tools     Flammables

Confined Space Video - Please Watch First

Confined Space Activity - Please complete and email to us

7. Seamanship, Splices, Knots & Hitches

Below you will find links to show you how to splice and to tie some knots and hitches. You should obtain a small piece of nylon rope from any hardware store. (approx 6mm thick x 2 metres long should be adequate). You should practice the splicing and knots and hitches and prepare a short video demonstrating that you can perform these tasks. The video sould run for no more than 2-3 minutes and must include your face to identify that it is you performing the tasks. When completed please contact our head trainer by email and he will provide you with a link to upload the video.

Seamanship     Ropework Video - Please Watch

The links below will take you to some animated websites that will show you how to splice and tie some "should know" knots and hitches:

Eye Splice     Common Whipping     Bowline     Reef Knot     Clove Hitch

Sheet Bend     Figure of Eight Knot     Timber Hitch     Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches

8. Code of Flags - Optional for General Purpose Hands however it is an advantage to know the meaning of A, B, C, D, H, N, O, U, and V

Code of Flags

Training Manuals and Resources

Training Manuals     GPH Course Manual - MUST READ

Liberator Certificate of Operation - MUST READ

Training Videos - MUST WATCH

Domestic and International Regulations     GPH Study Plan

Assessment Procedure     Marine Radio Handbook     Boat Licence Handbook